Aerial Videography

The Hive Does Aerial Videography, On-Location

Here’s a candid of Hive photographer Andrejs Lazdins “on-location” during an aerial video capture session. He used a RED Epic and a Canon DSLR to capture scenes of San Francisco’s distinct skyline, on day 12 of a 25 day shoot. The assets they captured represent the vibrant local aesthetic, and were delivered as 5k videos (5120x2700px) and 21-megapixel still images.

Andrejs and his colleague Arturs Daukulis had to use gyro-stabilizers to enable capturing media from a private helicopter. The pair also used safety harness, as the pilot had removed the doors and they were hanging out of the helicopter for portions of the shoot.

They say that while flying in a helicopter above downtown skyscrapers and beneath the Golden Gate Bridge was the highlight of the project, it wasn’t the only adventure. Day 21 required a mile-long uphill hike in the moonlight, where the pair carried two suitcases, two backpacks of equipment and a couple of tripods, which, they tell us, was memorable for entirely different reasons.…